Career Engagement Team

Career Search Steps

  • Build a stronger sense of self.

    In your career, you are a combination of your experiences. Don't let some of your past negatives keep you from feeling the power of your past positives.

    Jim is in business. He can't let go his failure to contribute to a team project. He needs to replace the failure with a positive, such as creating budget estimates which were extremely accurate.

  • Feel where your interest is.

    Look for themes of the problems people are solving in their occupations. Don't pretend if your commitment feels weak now. You will soon find something which will attract your full attention.

    Susan's interest is to increase logistics efficiency. She found the category Work Processes on the worksheet which follows.

  • Identify competencies you want to use.

    The Competency Map contains 41 Work Activities divided into 5 groups. Start by selecting one competency from each group to be moved to the top page. Then look at the other competencies and move those you want to perform to the top page.

    Steve had a variety of jobs which enabled him to learn to implement a large number of competencies. He wanted to narrow down those he wanted to use in his next job. He entered his high priority Work Activities into ONET at and found realistic options.

  • Connect to what is happening.

    You might be worried because you don't think you have the resources to make your goal come true.

    Harry felt isolated, and he doubted that he knew enough people to take the next step. But his discouragement does not have to be the reality, as you will discover for yourself.

  • Explore occupations.

    You can explore new occupations which might be possible for you. Multimedia of all kinds will lead you to people who will help.

    Roberta wants to see additional possibilities. She entered the Work Activity "Getting Information" into the Work Activity search at ONET. The occupation Sociologist came up, and after researching she holds it as a viable option.

  • GROUP ACTIVITY. Ask each group member to explain why they circled their top 3. Group members listen and draw the person out. They should also contribute ideas about how to get involved in that occupational area now.


Innovation - "I want to use original thinking to make things better."

Expression - "I want to create works of art which will give insights to people."

Entertaining - "I want to make others happy and informed by entertaining them."

Design - "I want to enhance the visual experience and appreciation in people."


Sciences - "I want to make a scientific discovery."

Information - "I want to implement processes to make information more useful."

Medical Specialties - "I want to discover and apply ideas which will heal people."

Engineering - "I want to help the benefits of technology to be fully utilized."


Human Services - "I want to directly contribute to improving the wellbeing and happiness of people."

Teaching - "I want to create and deliver experiences that enable people to learn."

Health Care - "I want to improve others' health and well-being through my actions with them."

Community Development - "I want to improve the way communities support their members."


Trades/Construction - "I want to build things using my hands and tools."

Manufacturing - "I want to optimize the use of technology in manufacturing"

Ecology and Farming - "I want to use the resources of the earth in a sustainable way."

Transportation - "I contribute to making good transportation decisions."


Leadership - "I want to lead people to achieve inspiring goals."

Commerce - "I want to facilitate the process of people producing and consuming goods and services."

Sales - "I want to persuade people to purchase things that will make them happy."

Hospitality - "I want to be part of a team which provides a powerful recreational experiences."


Business Processes - "I want to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of business procedures in companies."

Entrepreneurship - "I want to provide and promote solutions that will help our economy."

Public Service - "I want to improve the administration of governmental programs."

Protective Services - "I want people to be and feel safe."

Write some "I want" statements that will drive your career at this time. For example, you might write, "I want to get job that will enable me to develop my skills." Or, you might say, "I want to use my talents in interpreting ideas as a teacher."