Career Engagement Team

Connecting with Career Resources

  • Moving your career ahead involves researching articles and reaching out to people who can help. Everyone can help you in some way. Making a reach such as this is always difficult. Your comfort zone keeps the best part of you penned in. Overcome your hesitation.

  • In the left hand column of the chart below enter what you would like to discover. In the next column enter the search site you are using. In the next column enter the search terms you will be using. In the right hand column enter the resource you have discovered.

  • Try your best to identify research opportunities. Enter them in the empty boxes below. If you can not idenity opportunities now, don't worry. They will appear.

Want to Know Search Site Search Entry Discovered Resource
Careers using organizing abilities Google Search Career using organizing abilities
Using organizing abilities LinkedIn Using organizing on a job. LinkedIn Member: Professional Organizer at Reality Managed Organizing
Using organizing abilities SSCC Faculty Directory Faculty of a business course I want to take. Name and Contact info of a business teacher

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