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Expand Your Career Story

  • The story you are telling yourself steers your career. It can be seen in the responses you have made to the challenges you have met. Your hopes and dreams for the future are another part of your career story. Don't reduce the power of your story by only thinking of negatives. Expand to let your positives in.

  • In your past you have been in a number of roles, and all are a part of your career story. As a friend you have expressed understanding. In a hobby you have made something out of nothing. As a community member you have promoted cooperation. In a job you have contributed your talents to create a product or service someone will pay you for.

  • You have two challenges:

    1. Think of times in your life when you carried out each of the 41 Work Activities listed on the left side of the worksheet which follows. Write a title for each experience you identify on the right. You have definitely carried out an accomplishment in each Work Activity category, but your examples might be temporarily hidden. Shine a light on them.

    2. Identify your Top Ten Work Activities and write a supporting story for each one. For each good experience you recall, write about the situation, what you wanted to accomplish, the actions you took, and the results you achieved. Expand your stories with as many actions you took as possible. Example: "To increase interest in wellness activities, I brought together experts and facilitated a program with specific steps. People saw the big picture of their health because the steps built on each other."

  • GROUP ACTIVITY. The starting person tells about one of their experience stories. Group members listen and ask questions to expand the story. All group members are stimulated to see additional Work Activity examples in their own lives.

The job behaviors you carried out

Related Work Activities

List a Work Activity which you have performed in any setting. After you have recalled as many Work Activities as possible, write stories for your Top 10.

1. Estimating the time it will take to complete a work session.


2. Getting Information about a movie you might like to see.

Getting Information

3. Identifying a fireworks activity that might be dangerous.


4. Inspecting a garden plot for weeds.


5. Monitoring the action of a food blender.


6. Assisting a toddler eat an ice cream cone.


7. Coaching a youngster to hit a baseball.


8. Communicating outside your group with people you meet on a hike.

Communicating Outside

9. Communicating inside of your family to plan a vacation.

Communicating Inside

10.Coordinating to complete a painting project at school.


11.Team building by cheering on a soccer team-mate.

Team Building

12.Relating by talking with a neighbor.


13.Guiding and motivating a friend to compete in a marathon.

Guiding and Motivating

14.Interpreting the meaning of a poem in English class.


15.Monitoring resources as the person in charge of caring for hiking equipment.

Monitoring Resources

16.Administering the equipment usage for a team.


17.Performing for the public in a dancing contest.

Performing for the Public

18.Consulting with a friend to improve his or her success on a job.


19.Resolving an argument between two neighbors.


20.Influencing a friend to buy a certain car.


21.Staffing for a work project by persuading friends to help.


22.Training a friend to use a search engine.


23.Analyzing the options for a school wood working project.


24.Developing objectives that will lead to success.

Developing Objectives

25.Evaluating compliance with the rules of a sport.

Evaluating Compliance

26.Judging a work of art for possible purchase.


27.Making a decision about future education.

Making a Decision

28.Organzing a workshop.


29.Processing information about costs for a home improvement project.

Processing Information

30.Scheduling people to take turns


31.Thinking creatively to select a painting which will fit in.

Thinking Creatively

32.Using/updating knowledge on video streaming.

Using/Updating Knowledge

33.Controlling Processes of watering plants with a soaker.

Controlling Processes

34.Documenting the process used to decontaminate a medical device.


35.Laying Out the design of a garden.

Laying Out

36.Handling/moving furniture.


37.Interacting with computers to predict a winning team.

Interacting with Computers

38.Operating vehicles/machinery to cut grass.

Operating Vehicles/Machinery

39.Doing Physical Activities such as landscaping work.

Doing Physical Activities

40.Repairing electronics such as a home entertainment system.

Repairing Electronics

41.Repairing Mechanicals such tightening a bicycle cable.

Repairing Mechanicals

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