Career Engagement Team

Extend to New Occupations

  • The goal of Extend is to increase the number of occupations you are considering. Most people stunt their career by only considering a few occupations. Additional occupational options can be seen when you look at the Work Activities you are carrying out right now in your personal activities or in a job.

  • Occupational information sources utilize 5 Zones to depict levels of experience usuaually required to obtain a job.
    *Zone 1: No specific preparation needed.
    *Zone 2: Some preparation necessary.
    *Zone 3: Successful experience required, possibly some college.
    *Zone 4: Bachelors degree with experience usually required.
    *Zone 5: Additional schooling beyond a Bachelors and related experience usually required.

  • Locate Work Activities in which you would like to engage on the left of the worksheet below. In the next column an occupation is listed which uses the Work Activity and which does not require very much formal experience. Next an occupation is listed which usually does require formal education and experience. Assess your interest in engaging in both occupations. Circle your preference in the next column and look into your past to find an example of your performing that work activity. Write a title for your Work Activity example to the right.

  • GROUP ACTIVITY. Group members take turns identifying the process they are using to select some occupations they would like to explore further. Group members listen and feedback personality charactistics they observe as well as related occupations which should be considered.

  • Make a list of all of the occupations which interest you and which you want to explore further.

Work Activity

Initial Work Engagement
with Few Formal Requirements

Job Requiring Experience
And Usually Education

Desire to Use
Work Activity
No Maybe Yes

Your Example of
Using Work Activity


Animal Control Workers Industrial Ecologists No Maybe Yes

Getting Information

Parts Salesperson Physician Assistants No Maybe Yes


Insurance Adjusters Archeologists No Maybe Yes


Recyclable Material Collectors Environmental Engineers No Maybe Yes

Monitoring Processes

Conveyor Operators Wildlife Biologists No Maybe Yes

Assisting and Caring for Others

Childcare Workers Mental Health Counselors No Maybe Yes


Recreation Leaders Exercise Physiologists Yes Maybe No

Communicating Outside Organization

Freight Agents Urban Planners No Maybe Yes

Communicating Inside of Organization

Helpers-Carpenters Safety Specialists No Maybe Yes


Stone Cutters Set and Exhibit Designers No Maybe Yes

Team Building

Personal Care Aides Chief Sustainability Officers No Maybe Yes

Establishing Relationships

Computer User Support Spec. Substance Abuse Workers No Maybe Yes

Guiding Motivating

Psychiatric Aides Quality Control Systems Managers No Maybe Yes


Dental Assistants Benefits Managers No Maybe Yes

Monitoring Resources

Biomass Plant Technicians Property Managers No Maybe Yes

Performing Administrative Activities

Retail Loss Prevention Spec. Dietitians and Nutritionists No Maybe Yes

Performing for Public

Police Patrol Officers Advertising Managers No Maybe Yes


Audio and Video Equipment Technicians Organizational Psychologists No Maybe Yes

Resolving Differences

Correctional Officers Claims Examiners No Maybe Yes

Influencing Others

New Accounts Clerks Clergy No Maybe Yes

Staffing Organizational Units

Spa Managers Education Administrators No Maybe Yes

Training and Teaching Others

Municipal Firefighters Community Health Workers No Maybe Yes


Home Health Aides Logistics Analysts No Maybe Yes

Strategizing Objectives

Weatherization Technicians Transportation Planners No Maybe yes


Team Assemblers Regulatory Affairs Specialists No Maybe Yes


Ophthalmic Laboratory Technicians Business Intelligence Analysts No Maybe Yes

Making Decisions, Solving Problems

Geothermal Technicians Soil and Water Conservationists No Maybe Yes

Organizing Planning

Library Assistants Information Technology Project Managers No Maybe Yes

Processing Information

Police Detectives Anthropologists No Maybe Yes

Scheduling Work

Executive Secretaries Event Planners No Maybe Yes

Thinking Creatively

Cooks, Restaurant Radio and Television Announcers No Maybe Yes

Updating and Using Relevant Knowledge

Non-Destructive Testing Specialists
-Medical Assistants Search Marketing Strategists
No Maybe Yes

Controlling Machines and Processes

Industrial Truck Operators Hydroelectric Plant Technicians No Maybe Yes

Documenting/Recording Information

Animal Trainers Patient Representatives No Maybe Yes

Drafting, Laying Out

Parts Salespersons Landscape Architects No Maybe Yes

Handling and Moving Objects

Roustabouts, Oil and Gas Museum Technicians and Conservators No Maybe Yes

Interacting With Computers

Web Administrators Financial Quantitative Analysts No Maybe Yes

Operating Vehicles, Mechanized Devices

Bus Drivers, Transit and Intercity Construction Equipment Operators No Maybe Yes

Performing General Physical Activities

Athletes and Sports Competitors Adapted Physical Education Specialists No Maybe Yes

Repairing and Maintaining Electronic Equipment

Dental Laboratory Technicians Electronics Engineering Technologists No Maybe Yes

Repairing and Maintaining Mechanical Equipment

Weatherization Installers and Technicians Prosthodontists No Maybe Yes

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