Career Engagement Team

Build career purpose.

  • Below are 6 interest groups which provide a high level view of how occupations and people differ. People are happier and more productive at work when they are working in a compatible interest group. There are 4 sub categories for each interest group, resulting in 24 areas of need and opportunity to contribute in our economy.

  • First take a broad view. Cross out 7 areas of need and opportunity you know are off your list. Then circle 7 areas you think are on your list.

  • Even though you may not feel a powerful sense of purpose in your career right now, you need to recognize that all possible options are represented in the 24 areas. A good first step is to make a guess if needed.

  • You can benefit from being more specific about what you want. On the lines below, write some I want statements that stem from your top 3 areas. Then write some short-term and longer-term practical wants.

  • GROUP ACTIVITY. Ask each group member to explain why they circled their top 3. Group members listen and draw the person out. They also contribute ideas about how to get involved in that area now.


Innovation - "I want to use original thinking to make things better."

Expression - "I want to create works of art which will give insights to people."

Entertaining - "I want to make others happy by entertaining them."

Design - "I want to enhance the visual experience and appreciation in people."


Sciences - "I want to make a discovery."

Information - "I want to implement processes to make information more useful."

Medical Specialities - "I want to discover and apply ideas which will heal people."

Engineering - "I want insure that the benefits of technology are fully utilized."


Human Services - "I want to directly contribute to improving the wellbeing and happiness of people."

Teaching - "I want to create and deliver experiences that enable people to learn."

Health Care - "I want to improve others' health and well-being through my actions with them."

Community Development - "I want to improve the way communities support their members."


Trades/Construction - "I want to build things using my hands and tools."

Manufacturing - "I want to optimize the human - technology interface."

Ecology and Farming - "I want to use the resources of the earth in a sustainable way."

Transportation - "I contribute to making good transportation decisions."


Leadership - "I want to lead people to achieve inspiring goals."

Commerce - "I want to facilitate the process of people producing and consuming goods and services."

Sales - "I want to persuade people to purchase things that will make them happy."

Hospitality - "I want to be part of a team which provides a powerful recreational experiences."


Business Processes - "I want to enhance the effectiveness and efficency of business prodedures in companies."

Entrepreneurship - "I want to provide and promote solutions that will help our economy."

Public Service - "I want to improve the administration of governmental programs."

Protective Services - "I want people to be and feel safe."

Write some "I want" statements that will drive your career at this time. For example, you might write, "I want to get job that will enable me to develop my skills." Or, you might say, "I want to use my talents in interpreting ideas as a teacher."

Copyright 2017: Bill Gregory,Ed.D.