Career Engagement Team

Job Behaviors / Work Activities Project Description

  • As a JOB SEEKER you can win with employers if you can show that your creative responses to work situations matches the behaviors of their excellent employees. As a CAREER PLANNER, you can identify occupations which will make full of your potential for specific and creative responses to situations.

  • Expand your career stories to include more positives. On every day you are alive - past, present, and future - you are carrying out behaviors and Work Activities that can help you succeed on a better job.
    Expand to consider additional positives.

  • Extend your horizons and perceptions to consider new occupations.
    Extend to new occcupations.

  • You have a strong sense of career purpose just below your awareness. Nurture your feelings of interest to find a stronger sense of purpose. Make choices about your priorities and grow in pride.
    Nurture interests and values.

  • Read about occupations to find those which might hold a future for you. Imagine yourself working in an occupation which stimulates you.
    Explore occupations

  • Opportunity comes when you connect with people who will share what is happening in a job area and who will provide information for getting a better job.
    Connect for opportunity

  • You can begin right now to develop the Work Activities that will help you to obtain and succeed in your next job.
    Develop to Compete

  • Instructions
    Review the worksheets on your computer and then print them out so that can make your responses on them.

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